Yes you can technically swap the bellhousing but.

The 6spd is also weaker then the 5sp FYI. I think the stock 350Z disk will work fine at 9.

For G35, the transmission extent to year 07.

My car currently has a 25" tire with a 3.

Be careful with the type of transmission fluid you use. Costing only $1,700 brand new from. Just 3rd and 4th.


2003 2004. A stock Nissan plastic slave cylinder and a aftermarket steel unit The older style throw out bearing with a fork. Chat.

-ACT Extreme 6 puck clutch kit for SR20. 27.

2003-2005 vs 2005 (Track/35th Anniversary CD009) vs 2006 Rev-up vs 2007-2008.

Feb 4, 2016 · The driveshaft shop makes a driveshaft for the 240 chassis that goes to a 350z tranny.

Yes 03-06 Trans will mount up regardless of spec. My car currently has a 25" tire with a 3.

-Shaft Masters Aluminum S14 with z33 tranny drive shaft. Rare_f8 wrote:The gears of the 350z are equivalent, if not stronger than the getrag gears.

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The CD009 has triple cone synchronizers in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, and a double cone synchronizer in 4th gear.

I know nothing about transmissions and how they are able to match to a motor but was told recently that a Nissan CD009 6.

Mod · 7 yr.

Get it Apr 18 - 21. JDM VK45DE. .

I was hoping to be patient, and find a low mileage cd009 from a wrecked Z. Ratios: 3. The difference in the stock shifter tripods. . Get it Apr 18 - 21.

Apr 18, 2016 · Car Model: I just checked out the clutch kit for a 300ZX with a 240mm disk.

Not Yet Reviewed. The 350z guys and the other variants of Nissan/Infiniti cars use them in all kinds of ls1/rb swaps.


-OEM 350z Slave cylinder.

Collins VH41DE adapter plate - it bolts to the JDM VK45de with the starter on the driver side.

794 I did just talk to McCleod about the pressure plates.

Unfortunately, the pressure plate bolt circle is still 11".