But as the refinery maintenance season winds down in the US, Europe and Asia and a.

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Oct 25, 2018 · Refinery utilization rates, loosely defined as the volume of crude oil inputs relative to the overall refining capacity, share a direct correlation with refinery maintenance schedules.


Market Challenge Timely and detailed information about refinery unit outages is critical for fuel marketers, but difficult to track due to the proprietary nature of refinery. The implications of delayed maintenance activities from reducing refinery throughputs to losing supply contracts have weighed down several refinery operators. Early spring and fall traditionally are busy periods for U.


Several refiners deferred maintenance schedules to Q1, Q2, or late 2021. ** HMEL's Guru Gobind Singh Refinery in Punjab, India, is scheduled to shut from around Jan. that extend beyond schedule, or higher-than-expected demand, the supply of gasoline, jet fuel, and distillate fuel will be adequate in all regions through December.

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The OPIS Refinery Maintenance Report is a PADD-by-PADD summary of all planned and unplanned U.

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1 crude distillation unit (CDU) at its Kashima refinery, east of Tokyo, on May 25 after it was shut on May 11 due to system trouble, a company spokeswoman said on Friday.

The power plant maintenance toolbox.

Capitalizing on intelligent digital solutions such as process analytics and asset lifecycle management tools can help power plants gain deep insight into equipment performance and process efficiency.

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"Refinery snags in some areas of the country are contributing to wild fluctuations as areas of the West. S. . This current and complete list of planned and unplanned U. Solomon. IndianOil has a systematic approach to.

Input levels were 113,000 bpd less than the previous week’s average.

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Refiners schedule maintenance for September and October as they transition to winter-grade fuel from summer-grade fuels.

Eneos Corporation, Japan's biggest refiner, restarted the 168,000 barrels-per-day (bpd) No.

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